As leading crankshafts & diesel engine parts manufacturer, Shanghai Choikey Machinery Co. Ltd has over 25 years of industrial experiences & 10 years of high performance of working for European & American top customers, we provide professional products solution as below,

  Forged crankshafts (utilized in pumps, compressors, homogenizers, diesel engine etc.)

   Casting machining parts (including crankcase, engine cylinder heads etc.)

  Other diesel engine parts.

Shanghai Choikey machinery Co. is managed with ONE value―Focus on customer’s success. As we believe our success only comes from our customer’s success & development. And with such value orientation, we promise…

    One key contact & speedy response. You’ll have one key contact throughout the whole process so you always know who to speak to and won’t be passed from pillar to post. Meanwhile you will enjoy a speedy response once you have any query or need supports from us.

    Uniform service. No matter the volume of your business, we will provide the uniform service in professional way. As we well know each client has been unique in approach and metrics for success, and we well understand the return on relationships.

    Optimum product solution. Your quality & delivery requirements are always respected, and further more you will receive the full benefits from our rich industrial experiences which may include alternative suggestions to your ideas. Based on that we will provide optimum product solution for the quality assurance & cost optimization.

With above, we always offer a personal service experience, profound technical knowledge, and a strong passion to deliver on our promises. We handle sales and customer service at the highest level to ensure full commitment to our clients.  



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